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Intelligent Indicator



Intelligent Indicator
Features - Hardware :-

• Compact Size
• Rust proof aluminum body, high quality powder paint.
• Works on 230V AC mains. Inbuilt SMPS allows 100-300V operation.
• Load Cell excitation by isolated 8V DC supply for better stability.
• 16x2 big LCD display, 6 digit bright LED display.
• 6 digit high bright external LED display (optional).
• Works with standard IBM PS2 keyboard.
• Support all standard DMP printers.
• RS232 port (optional).
• USB pen drive port (optional) for backup in Excel / Binary format.
• 10,000 ticket record rolling memory. Flash type, no battery backup required. This
   allows transfer of transfer of complete records to replacement IT in case of failure.
• High printing speed.
Operator :-

• Tare & Zero facility.
• External display on/off facility.
• 1st weight ticket print.
• 2nd weight ticket print by RST no / by Vehicle number.
• View/print memory records by RST no / by Vehicle number.
• Manual weight facility.
• Code facility. Can work with party name & code simultaneously. No Setting required.
• 32 codes for Party, 32 codes for vehicle type, 32 codes for Item type.
• During Ticket entry, backward movement facility.
• Print/Save option for tickets.
Reports :-

• Detail & Summery reports.
• "From Ticket no" "up to Ticket no" reports.
• ”From date" "up to date" reports.
• Filtered reports for any specific field e.g. party, vehicle no, item etc.
• Pending tickets report.
Programmable settings (via operator password):-

Very simple & systematic programming. All program settings are arranged under 6 menus. Just navigate between menus to change the required settings. No need to remember anything.

A. Weight Related Settings
• Dual capacity & accuracy setting.
• Decimal point adjustment.
• Display in Kg/Ton
• Minimum weight setting.
• Buzzer indication for stable weight.
• Zero tracking & weight tracking.
• Power save mode for LCD backlight.
• Load cell Count View facility.
• Installation Zero locks facility, for overload safety
B. Title Related Settings
• All titles (3 headers, 2 footers) & subtitles (vehicle number etc, total 7 subtitles) are editable by the user.
• Any of the title & subtitle can be disabled. Disable a setting if you do not want to print that particular title / subtitle. A subtitle set as no, will not show during Weight entry.
C. Operated Related Settings
• Memory bill print enable/disable.
• Option for single / multiple copies for ticket print.
• Changeable operator password.
• Code print report. Useful for look at a glance on all codes.
• Installation report print. Very useful. User can keep hard copy of all settings done at the time of installation.
D. Printer Related Settings
• Selection for 80 columns, 40 column plain paper ticket print, Pre-printed stationary & Vertical Format (south Pattern) ticket print.
• Option for print date/time in ticket yes/no.
• Option for print weight/charges BOLD in ticket yes/no.
• Settable report print lines
• Printing can be set for any kind of pre-printed stationary. No need to re-print the stationary in case of change of IT. It has settings to print any subtitle at any line/column to match a pre-printed ticket.
E. Delete Related Settings
• Ticket record delete, code delete, total reset facility.
F. Calibration Related Settings (via calibration password)
• Very simple calibration procedure.
• Full & smart calibration.
Engineering Setting (via master password):-
• IT company Owner name & address feeding. Owner name is displayed at power ON, on LCD display, on LED display & external display.
• Machine serial number feeding.
• View/print important readings such as:-
    Calibration date & calibration weight,
    Zero save date,
    Delete ticket record date & reset date,
    Maximum weight done value & date,
    Load cell present gain/count ratio for future comparison,
    Last overload date etc.
PC connectivity :-
PRIME-IT can be connected to any computer via serial port. Windows7/-XP/ based Software is available for this purpose. This facility is very handy for the people who own more than one weighing bridge. The owner can go to a IT location & download IT record in his laptop, then go to next location & so on. Then all the records can be seen in his office. Following functions are available:-

• Download ticket records from IT memory to PC.
• Add downloaded records to the existing database. This makes unlimited record memory.
• Remove records older than any date.
• View records, export to Excel format for editing, print records.
• View & print reports for date to date, ticket no to ticket number, reports for a particular vehicle number, type, party or item etc.
• Revenue report. This can generate day wise revenue collection for a period. Very useful for accounting
• This software is very easy to install & operate.
• Password protected.