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Printer Scale




PRIME-44 Printer Scale features :-
PRIME-44 is a highly advanced, multipurpose weighing machine. Besides providing accurate
& stable weight measurement, it also allows user to do price calculation, amount accounting,
stock accounting, billing and tax calculation, printing of bills & reports & many more. It is
ideally suitable for small & medium shops, retail outlets, sweet shops, vegetable shops,
industries etc.
Hardware :-
  • Attractive, strong, metal cabinet with powder paint.
  • Micro-controller based advance design.
  • Inbuilt thermal printer. Paper width 57mm, maximum dia 39mm.
  • Display: LED, 5 digits for weight, Graphic LCD, for PLU name, rate & amount.
  • LED display Brightness control.
  • High lifecycle micro switch 7x5 keypad.
  • Inbuilt battery backup, SMPS charging for reliable battery charging.
  • Inbuilt RTC
  • External 3 wire display (small / big) - Optional
  • RS232 port.
  • Ps2 Keyboard port.
Software :-
  • Tare & Zero facility.
  • Very simple & user friendly operation.
  • Weight capacity & accuracy, 3 slabs.
  • Zero tracking, weight tracking etc.
  • 500 PLU. 30 Hotkeys & 4000 bills.
  • Kg/Lt/piece mode. Qty can be entered directly in piece mode.
  • 5 definable tax slabs.
  • Discount,%discount, Extra amount on bill functions.
  • Direct weight slip print.
  • Multiple item weight slip with item name print.
  • Bill print with details for tax add, tax included etc.
  • PLU downloading from PC.
  • Can work even for non PLU items.
  • Piece count mode (wt-unitwt-piece) for industries.
  • Bill print with details for tax add, tax included etc.
  • Amount day report (Revenue report for a day).
  • PLU day report (PLU sale report for a day).
  • PLU date wise report (PLU sale report for last 10 days).
Programmable settings (via operator password):-

Very simple & systematic programming. All program settings are arranged under 5 menus.
Just navigate between menus to change the required settings.

  • Minimum weight setting.Buzzer indiction for stable weight.
  • Zero tracking & weight tracking.
  • Power save mode for LED display & LCD back light.
  • Load cell Count View facility.
  • Very simple calibration procedure.
  • Changeable operator password.
  • All titles (3 headers, 3 footers) are editable by the user.
  • Any of the title can be disabled. Disable a setting if you do not want to print that particular title .
  • Memory bill print enable/disable.
  • Option for print Header BOLD in bill print.
  • Option for single / multiple copies for bill print.
  • Settable report print lines
  • Any PLU / Hot key can be deleted.
  • All record / Day report can be deleted.

PC connectivity :-

PRIME-44 can be connected to any computer via serial port. Windows-XP/98 based Software is
available for this purpose. The owner can Edit / Delete any PLU / Hot key or Header & Tailor.

  • Download all PLU & Hot key records from machine memory to PC.
  • Update all PLU & Hot key records from PC to machine.
  • Export to Excel format for editing, print records.
  • This software is very easy to install & operate.